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Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)


A 2-day intensive and unique workshop experience with Roberto Valenzuela. Limited to
16 students.

The deposit of $300 will hold your place towards the total tuition of $1000 USD. Balance is due 30 days before Workshop Date.

Balance is payable here

Product Description

Roberto Valenzuela’s Website

Workshop Philosophy

Roberto Valenzuela is and has been an educator since he was 17 years old. His
teaching methodology is unique in the sense that he opens up your mind so you can
see photographic potential quickly in any situation and gives you the tools to correctly
practice and hone your skills from the comfort of your home. He understands the
difference between simply showing you how “he” does something and actually teaching
you how to do it for yourself. Roberto’s goal at workshops is to transform his students
into independent problem solvers. Roberto Valenzuela has been regarded worldwide
as one of the best photography educators in the industry. His book Picture Perfect
Practice is used as the textbook for photography programs and across the country and
it is a top selling photography education book. Investing in one of Roberto’s 2-day
workshops is an investment that will alleviate the constant struggle with posing, how to
make the best out of any location, how to speak to clients to get the natural expression
you desire, how to carefully create and combine different emotions to build an album
that will double your profit margin, how to close a deal during a client meeting, how to
manage large groups or difficult people etc… So practice your creativity, make your
business profitable, and join us for one of the best educational opportunities you will

About the 2-day intensive workshop

The workshop is designed to be taught in 2 days in beautiful Lugano, Switzerland in order to maximize one’s attention
span. This is truly an intensive workshops based on systems that are easy to follow.
The workshop will challenge you and push you to take you out of your comfort zone and
thus create results. Roberto will only except 16 students in order to pay close attention
to each attendee. There will be challenge based photo shoots each day where
professional models will be provided. Each day will begin at 9:00 am and end around
6:00 pm. The photo shoot on the first day will be catered to address student’s
weaknesses as well as how to get the best out of any location. The second day’s photo
shoot will be aimed at getting deep into how to finesse and create natural beautiful and
flawless looking poses.

Day by Day Breakdown

Day 1:
On day one, we will start with a student portfolio review.  This review will be used to demonstrate points that will be taught throughout the day.  We will then set up challenges based on student’s weaknesses found from the portfolio review.  Each student will have a set of goals and tasks they should achieve during the stylized photo shoot with models.  The photo shoot will be focused on student’s weaknesses as well as how to read and harness different locations photographic potential.  The day will end with a review of the materials taught through out the day.
Day 2:
Day two will begin with a review of what we learned on day one.   We will then follow up with posing and lighting using speedlites and natural light.  We will go over how to achieve natural expressions and fluid posing with the bride alone, the groom alone, and both together.  This will be followed by the fundamentals of posing couples and variations techniques created by Roberto Valenzuela.  This segment focuses on how to build a pose that looks completely natural from the ground up and then finish it off with a great expression in the couple’s face.  The photo shoot during day two will ask the students to include what they learned from locations during day one and implement them during the shoot on day two.  The day will end with a review of both days and an Q and A session.
Both days are highly individualized for each student and it is geared to addressed student’s weaknesses in their work.

Skill Level

This workshop is for the working professional photographer.  You must have knowledge of how to use your SLR camera.  You can be a beginner, as long as you have a good grasp on how to use your SLR.  The workshop will be taught in English.

Tuition, payments, and cancellations

The tuition of the workshop is $1,000 USD per student. 16 students max will be
allowed. To reserve your seat, a 30% deposit ($300) must be made and the balance of
($700) will be due 30 days prior to the workshop. The tuition is non-refundable if a
student cancels. In the case of an unforeseen circumstance or an act of God, Roberto
Valenzuela has the right to cancel the workshop. In case of a cancellation by Roberto,
a full refund will be issued to each student. All students are responsible for their
equipment, travel, food and accommodations. Drinks and snacks will be provided
during both days of the workshop.

Location: 14YouStudio

Dinner together the night before:

Join us for a dinner night out together the evening before the workshop.  This will give us a chance to get to know each other, mingle, and have fun before the workshop actually begins.  Hope you can join us!

Time and Restaurant Info:

AnaCapri Ristorante SA
Ristorante AnaCapri

Via Clemente Maraini
6900 Lugano
Tel. 091 922 53 00
Fax 091 922 53 01
Dinner at Anacapri at 18:30
it’s the retaurant in front of the train station

Topics covered

Creative Topics:

  • Student photo review session by Roberto Valenzuela
  • How to set yourself apart during the getting ready section
  • Managing and controlling the timeline
  • Description of equipment used during “getting ready”.
  • Go over basics of light and it’s behavior
  • Big light source vs. Small light source
  • How to read and harness a locations photographic potential
  • Photojournalism, Know where to be instead of where you are. (position strategy)
  • Camera settings for photojournalism vs. posed photos
  • Keeping it clean and choosing the light
  • Understanding how to shoot, pre visualize, and execute for the album
  • Pushing yourself creatively. (framing, sculpting light, video lights, and reflectors)
  • Posing Evolution: Roberto’s 21-point posing system
  • Posing the bride with class
  • Shaping different face types with light
  • Hide what you don’t want to show
  • Choosing lenses and understand angles
  • Beauty shots (for make up artist)
  • Standing shots, sitting shots, and laying down shots
  • How to achieve natural and believable expressions
  • Positioning hands, legs, and spine
  • Understanding posture
  • Bringing sexy back
  • Groom portraits with style
  • Making a guy look good
  • Using the location chart to create outstanding portraits
  • Using video light, flashes and reflectors for portraits (when it is best to use each)
  • Separating yourself by creating gorgeous bride and groom portraits
  • Integration of light, location and poses
  • Identifying problems and creating solutions
  • Single flash and multiple flash set ups
  • Deliberate practice techniques and how to practice at home

Business Topics:

  • Client meetings
  • Preparing for a client meeting
  • Setting client expectations ex. available light, post production editing, blemish removals vs. liquifying. Removing objects, etc.
  • Limiting album choices
  • Pricing albums for strategic upgrades on layouts
  • Educating your clients on top issues and timeline management
  • Closing a deal with a prospective client by understanding how they think

Usage rights for portfolio images:

Roberto works very diligently to provide you with a beautifully stylized photo shoots, in inspiring locations, with personally picked models to give students the best shooting experience possible.  We want you to be proud of your images and use them, however, we do ask that you mention somewhere in your blog that the images posted were taken at a workshop and NOT at a real wedding.  This is to keep the integrity of the work we show prospective clients.

What to bring for the portfolio Review

Each student should bring 10 photos you feel you need help with and 5 photos you are very proud of.  Please bring the images on a USB Thumb Drive.  Please separate the images into two folders.  Remember that the 10 photos you need help with should be just that.  Try to bring photos that you feel are your weakness.  Also, all 15 photos should be photos you posed.  Please do not bring details or photojournalism, it must be photos you posed.  Thank you!


Before and After 04 1024x753 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Before and After 05 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela 05 1024x682 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Photography 01 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 11 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 12 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 161 1024x682 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 18 1024x682 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 19 1024x579 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 20 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 21 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 22 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 23 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

Roberto Valenzuela Weddings 25 1024x642 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

70A1585RVE2 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

B8399656RVE Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)

B8399644RVE 1024x767 Switzerland Workshop Deposit (Lugano, Switzerland)


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